Thursday, 30 June 2016

$30 billion compensation for seized farms leaves chefs looking like snub-nosed monkeys by P Guramatunhu

Zimbabwe’s corrupt and incompetent leaders have a lot in common with the snub-nosed monkeys of Asia.
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By seizing white owned farms, Zanu PF leaders cut off their own noses to spite their faces!
“ZIMBABWE’S cash-strapped government could face a US$30 billion bill for compensation of land expropriated from white farmers under the country’s controversial land redistribution exercise that saw the country plunge from being a regional breadbasket  to a basket case,” reported the Financial Gazette.

Talk of cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face, well this sure takes the biscuit. So President Mugabe in his infantile wisdom seized the white-owned farms, turned the nation from a breadbasket to a basket case of a nation starving in the Garden of Eden and now the nation has $30 billion bill to pay!
As if that was not bad enough, the nation learnt in March this year from none other than President Mugabe himself that $15 billion worth of Marange diamonds were looted in 2010 to 2015. Minister Kasukuwere has since said shed some more light on the story when he said that former VP Mujuru was responsible for “chunk” of the $15 billion diamond loot.
No one who knows anything about this Zanu PF regime would ever believe that Mai Mujuru was the only who was looting, the whole bloated leadership is corrupt. It is no secret that the Police, Army and CIO plus individuals like Mai Mujuru and President Mugabe himself all had mining concessions in Marange. According to Partnership Africa Canada said the President pocketed $2 billion from the looting of Marange diamonds in 2012 alone.
 So if Mai Mujuru pocketed $15 billion in six years and Mugabe pocketed $2 billion a year and the looting has been going on for the last ten years, it is quite possible that over the last decade $100 billion, at least, was looted!
Sadly most of our snub-nosed monkeys will have very little to show for the vast fortunes they stole, seized or looted, it has all been wasted on luxuries pleasure of the flesh.
Still when it comes to who should compensate the white farmers, without even a moment’s hesitation, it must be those who seized the farms and were given the farms and never paid a single penny to the original farmer of the State for them. No stone must be left unturned in the effort to recover what they stole away from the white farmers and the misery they brought on the nation at large. Why should the nation be burdened with $30 billion bill when those who did still benefiting from their ill got fortune.

MDC-T has no "clue" how to stop Zanu PF meddling, admit MP Cross - what good is a clueless opposition. By P Guramatunhu

“A MEMBER of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T)'s shadow cabinet has admitted that his party does not know how to deal with Zanu-PF's strategy of meddling with urban constituencies,” reported Bulawayo 24.

“MDC-T's secretary for local government, Eddie Cross, told the Financial Gazette that the opposition was in the proverbial catch 22 situation over the ruling party's intensive drive to expand urban constituencies in selected towns and cities by creating new settlements under the National Housing Delivery Programme through which it plans to deliver over 300 000 housing units before the 2018 elections.”

Well if the truth is to be told, and it must be told because the nation’s very survival is now at stake here, MDC has no clue on not just how to stop Zanu PF meddling in urban centres but how to stop the regime looting in Marange, rigging national elections, you name it! MDC leaders are corrupt, incompetent and utterly, utterly useless and this nation is paying dearly for failing to see this all these years.

After MDC failed to get even one democratic reform implemented during the GNU, SADC leaders and all the MDC’s donors deserted them in droves. The Zimbabwe electorate has continued to sheepishly follow and trust Tsvangirai, Biti, Cross and others to this day even with the benefit of hindsight of GNU events and the disaster of the rigged July 2013 elections because they have failed to understand that MDC sold-out during the GNU. If the Zimbabwean people were not so thick, naïve and gullible then they too would have finally deserted the clueless MDC in droves by now.

The country’s worsen economic meltdown has push the panic button in the Zimbabwe public, they are shoaling round MDC like herring under attack. What the country needs is to implement the democratic reforms and as long as nothing is done to stop Zanu PF rigging the next elections nothing will ever change, the economic meltdown will get worse. Holding endless demos and rallies has become an excuse for doing nothing to implement the reforms; no doubt Zanu PF is doing its best to encourage the demos just as killer-whales would encouraged the panicked herring to form a tighter ball for easy picking!  

If we are serious about getting out of this hell-on-earth that President Mugabe has dragged us into then we must start thinking like humans and not panicked herring. We need to take our duty to elect competent leaders with the seriousness the matter demands.

We are in this hell-hole because we have been a naïve and gullible electorate that elected a corrupt and murderous tyrant and failed to him as such for 20 years. When we finally realized we had a corrupt and murderous tyrant for president we put our trust in Morgan Tsvangirai, a corrupt, incompetent and clueless village idiot, to remove the tyrant. God only knows how long it is going to take this nation to realize that a clueless village idiot will never remove a cunning fox like Mugabe from power!  

It has taken 16 years of MDC blundering from pillar to post to force MP Eddie Cross to admit MDC leaders have no clue what they are doing; this is the nearest he has ever got to apologizing for selling-out the nation on the critic matter of democratic reforms. As for resigning, this is the one thing Mr Cross or any of his MDC friends will ever do; they clearly have no clue what they are going in parliament but they will fight like devils to hang on to power.
If this nation wants leaders who have a clue what they are doing then it is the voters themselves who have to finally wake up to that political reality because it is the people themselves who keep voting corrupt and murderous tyrants, corrupt and clueless village idiots, etc., into power again and again.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

By renewing funding to Zanu PF Paris Club and IMF ARE helping regime's no-regime-change agenda. By Wilbert Mukori

We in the Zimbabwe Social Democrats call on the Paris Club, IMF, WB and all the other Financial Institutions and governments all over the world, particularly the Chinese, to stop extending financial assistances to the Zimbabwe government until President Mugabe has implemented meaningful democratic reforms.
The Zimbabwe is facing a serious economic meltdown, unemployment has soared to 90% and government is failing to pay its workers let alone pay for other necessities like consumables for hospitals and schools. The economic situation is clearly unsustainable.
It should be noted that this situation is of government’s own making following decades of gross mismanagement, corruption and lawlessness that have destroyed the country’s robust and promising economy it inherited at independence in 1980. President Mugabe’s regime borrow heavily during the first twenty years of our independence to fund its reckless spending and yet had very little to show for it.
The country’s debt ballooned to $10 billion and only stopped growing when the international financial institutions like the Paris Club, IMF, WB and individual nations in government to government funding stopped granting the Zimbabwe government more financial assistance because Harare was failing to service its existing debts.
There is increasing talk of IMF, WB and Paris Club renewing financial assistance to the Zimbabwe government. Tomorrow, 30 June 2013 a Zimbabwe government team led by Minister of Finance, Right Honourable Patrick Chimanasa, will be attent a Paris Club Conference in France to discuss the details of re-engagement.
We believe the Paris Club, IMF, WB and all the other key players are asking the Zimbabwe government to pay off all the outstanding interest changes on the existing debt, a sum of $1.8 billion. As noted above, the Zimbabwe government is failing to pay civil servant wages and so will never raise the $1.8 billion from its own sources. The regime is set to borrow the $1.8 billion so it can be allowed to borrow even more to pay for its bloated recurrent expenditure.
There is no evidence on the ground to suggest the Zanu PF government has abandoned is reckless spending, mismanagement and corruption of yesteryears that landed the nation in this financial and economic crisis.
The is no evodence of the Paris Club, IMF, etc., demanding an undertaking by this Zanu PF to carry out meaningful economic reforms to ensure the renewed financial assistance is used well and not end up increasing the national debt with nothing to show for it as before. If the Paris Club was to demand an end to corruption, for example, the country would be able to pay off its entire $10 billion debt straight away. President Mugabe admitted in March that $15 billion of Marange diamond wealth had been looted!
We in the Zimbabwe Social Democrats believe the only sure way to deliver meaningful economic recovery is by ensuring Zimbabwe has a competent government that can be trusted to tackle the economic problems of mismnagement and corruption that are killing the Zimbabwe economy. The only sure way to get a competent government is by ensuring the country has free, fair and credible elections.
During the 2008 to 2013 GNU, Zimbabwe had the political opportunity to ensure the next elections are free and fair, all the MDC party led by Morgan Tsvangirai had to do was implement the agreed democratic reforms. Sadly, after five years not even one reform was implemented and so President Mugabe was able to blatantly rig the 2013 elections and stay in power.
Since the 2013 elections the country‘s opposition parties have promised to implement the reforms so the next elections in 2018 will finally be free and fair and produce the competent and accountable government the nation solely need. Sadly this has not happened. 
This week Tendai Biti, himself a former MDC Minister of Finance in the GNU, admitted that no reform will be implemented before the next elections. So, unless there is some other way of pressuring Zanu PF to accept political reforms, Zimbabwe is set for yet another Zanu PF rigged election.
The only other viable way of forcing Zanu PF to accept political reforms is what we have right now – the worsening economic situation. The regime must be told in no uncertain terms that the only way to end the soaring unemployment, cash shortage, etc., is by implementing the democratic reforms and have free and fair elections.
What the Paris Club, IMF, etc.,are offering by opening the taps for new funding is allow this Zanu PF regime to resume its reckless spending, increase the national debt burden without delivering any real meaningful economic recovery. The arrangement will certainly buy Zanu PF time to keep the economy ticking to the next elections which the party can rig and secure another five years in power.
What the people of Zimbabwe need is an end to the economic and political chaos that has cause so much suffering and misery and deaths. They need a cure to the present corrupt, incompetent and tyrannical system of government and implementing the reforms is that cure. They would be better off enduring another year of the present economic meltdown or whatever it takes to force this Zanu PF regime to accept meaningful political reforms than take the painkillers Paris Club and friends are offering
There is no doubt whatsoever that renewing financial assistance to this corrupt and oppressive Zanu PF regime at this point will help the regime avoid the pressure to implement meaningful political reforms whilst increasing the nation’s debt burden. We, in the Zimbabwe Social Democrats, therefore call upon the Paris Club and their friends to ask themselves whose interests they are serving in granting financial assistance to President Mugabe because it is certainly not the interests of the long suffering people of Zimbabwe.  
Wilbert Mukori
Secretary General
Zimbabwe Social Democrats.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

UK needs Churchill not John Major type PM successor - reason must triumph over grudge. By Wilbert Mukori

Britain has a history of changing leaders in mid-stream; notable in 1940 and more recently in 1990. The question now will PM David Cameron be replace by a mediocre leader as happened when John Major took over from PM Margaret Thatcher in 1990 or would he replace by a strong and decisive leader as happened when Winston Churchill replaced PM  Neville Chamberlain in 1940.
PM Margaret Thatcher was forced out of No 10 in 1990 as a result palace coup within her own party. She conspired to ensure that her real challenger at the time, Michael Heseltine, did not succeed her. John Major benefited from the Iron Lady’s, as Mrs. Thatcher was popularly known, vengeful anger because few would doubt the Heseltine would have made a better PM that Major as history showed. It is rumored; the Iron Lady went endorsed Tony Blair, of New Labour leader, who went on to defeat John Major, her Conservative party protégé in the 1997 general elections.
The pressure for PM Neville Chamberlain to go in May 1940 where of his own making in that he had failed to see the Germany Chancellor, Adolf Hitler, for what he was - the ruthless tyrant hell-bend on war and conquest. Hitler took full advantage of PM Chamberlain and others’ policy of appeasement to rearm Germany and to carry on with his acts of aggression. The string of defeats of the British and her Allies at the hands of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Army made is untenable for PM Chamberlain to continue as leader. He was succeeded by the decisive and gritty Winston Churchill.
The political reality of the IN/OUT EU referendum has forced PM David Cameron to resign. He had campaigned for IN, and put everything in it, “his passion, mind and body” as he readily admitted. By resigned when the OUT won the day, PM Cameron was tacitly acknowledging he had put his political career as PM on the line too!
The present British political crisis is more like the 1940 than the 1990 crisis in that the country is setting off into unknown territory with lots of unknowns. The country needs a decisive and gritty leader, someone who really believed that Britain was better off OUT of the EU. This is hardly the time for a steady-she-goes type leader who believed that Britain was better off IN the EU and will therefore be going out but always wishing they had stayed.
Of the two leading candidates fighting to replace PM Cameron; Boris Johnson is decisive and gritty and he passionately believes Britain can thrive and prosper OUT of the EU, he is therefore the ideal candidate to lead the nation at this critical point.
Home Secretary Theresa May campaigned to remain in the EU; whether her mind body and soul was in that campaign it is hard to say but what matters here is her mind, body and soul in where the country is going now – OUT of the EU. Having decided to leave the EU the last thing Britain want is to sail off into the unknown with a captain who is there in flesh but his/her mind and passion is still in the EU.
The Conservative MPs, party members and the nation at large need a cool head and put the nation’s needs above all else. The country needs right now is a Winston Churchill type leader and not a John Major type and to elect the right leader, reason must triumph over the grudge and sentiment.

Monday, 27 June 2016

There will be no reforms before 2018 elections, admits Biti - enough to finally open voters' eyes. By Nomusa Garikai

Tendai Biti admits the opposition parties are not going to get any meaningful reforms implemented before the next elections. The interesting question is the admission enough to open Zimbabwe’s naive and gullible electorate’s eyes to finally see MDC leaders for what they really are – useless, corrupt and incompetent to the man and woman?


“The biggest crisis facing this economy is a breakdown of trust, a breakdown of the social contract — people don't trust in the government, people don't trust and believe in President Robert Mugabe, people don't trust and believe in Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa and people don't trust and believe in Zanu-PF,” Tendai Biti told DailyNews senior assistant editor Guthrie Munyuki.

“So, more than anything else, what has collapsed is confidence. There is a kwashiorkor of confidence in the national psyche, in the international psyche and we find ourselves in this deep structural problem. And part of the structural problem which we are facing is that we are not producing.”


It is easy to see why the ordinary people have lost all confidence in President Mugabe and Zanu PF; they are the ones responsible for the country’s economic meltdown that has seen unemployment soar to new world record of 90% plus and force 76% of the people into a life of abject poverty and hopelessness.


If the truth be told, it is an absolute necessity that it is said because it is necessary in our search for a way out of this mess that we deal with the truth as the only currency, the nation with not have President Mugabe and Zanu PF still in government if MDC leaders including Mr Tendai Biti had not betrayed the people.


The people lost their confidence in Zanu PF years ago but they have failed to remove them from office because the regime rigs elections and it has even murdered many people just to stay in power. However in there desperate effort to end the economic hardship and brutal oppression by the regime the people have risked life and limp to get meaningful democratic changes to ensure there are free and fair elections the pre-requisite for good and accountable government.


The country’s best chances to implement the reforms and end the Zanu PF dictatorship were, by far, during the GNU. President Mugabe committed himself to the democratic reforms by signing the 2008 GPA. SADC heads of State, as the guarantor of the GPA, wanted to see the reforms implement and end the political and economic crisis in Zimbabwe which was causing so much suffering to the people of Zimbabwe and cause so much social upheaval in the whole region. MDC leaders were tasked to implement the reforms and in five years failed to implement even one reform.


It was MDC’s failure to implement even one reform that allowed President Mugabe to rig the 2013 elections and remain in power to cause the economic and political chaos the nation is experiencing today.


Mr Biti is right to say the international community has lost confidence in President Mugabe and his Zanu PF thugs but that is only half the story. The international community particularly SADC leaders have lost all confidence in the MDC leaders because they failed to implement any reforms.


Yes many Zimbabweans have lost confidence in President Mugabe and his cronies but only some of the people have lost confidence in MDC leaders but that is so because they have never understood what happen during the GNU and even with the benefit of hindsight they still fail to understand that MDC betrayed the nation and sold-out to President Mugabe on reforms.


MDC leaders “were too busy enjoying being in the GNU they forgot why they were there,” remark SADC leaders in sheer frustration.


The truth is that the Zimbabwe electorate are so naïve and gullible they not only elected President Mugabe, an incompetent, corrupt, vote rigging and murderous tyrant, it too them twenty or so for them to finally see him for the tyrant he is. They rejected Mugabe to embrace Tsvangirai et al and regardless of the mountain of evidence of the latter being corrupt and incompetent the people still continue to follow Tsvangirai, Biti, Ncube, blindly like sheep.


Whilst it is true that President Mugabe is responsible for landing us into the political and economic mess we are in today the ultimate responsibility is ours, in that we are the ones who have paid the heavy price for the mess paid in lost treasure, human suffering and even human lives. We were naive and gullible and thus failed to see him for the corrupt and murderous tyrant he is. Just as ignorance is no excuse for breaking the law; being naïve and gullible is no excuse for electing a tyrant.


Similarly whilst it is true that MDC leaders are response for all the wasted opportunities to get us out of this political and economic hell-hole. However ultimately it is once again ours, the electorate, who paid dearly for it and must should the final responsibility for wasted opportunities. We are the ones who are naïve and gullible to elected the corrupt and incompetent MDC leaders.


As long as we have a naïve and gullible electorate so slow to learn it took nearly twenty years for most of them to finally see a corrupt and murderous tyrant like President Mugabe, although by the end of the first five years he had already murdered over 20 000 in the Gukurahundi massacres, it is hard to see how we will ever get out of the hell-hole we now find ourselves stuck in. We are still counting on MDC leaders like Tsvangirai and Biti to implement the reforms and get us out and yet they have failed to do so already when the task was a lot easier during the GNU.

“I don't think so,” admitted Biti when he was asked if the reforms will be implemented before the next elections. “Not with Zanu-PF. I don't see Zanu-PF reforming itself out of power. There is no class that commits suicide and there is no elite that commits suicide.

“So we have to push for reforms, we have to demand reforms and that is why one of the fundamental imperators (is) that the opposition has to get together now so that it can begin with one voice, to push for these reforms.”


MDC wasted the five years of the GNU and failed to get even one reform implemented; history is repeating itself, they will not implement even one reform before the next elections. Will that be enough to finally convince the naïve and gullible Zimbabwe electorate that MDC leaders like Tsvangirai and Biti are corrupt and incompetent? My money is on a 5 to 10% shift at best; as I said they are very slow learners!

"Is the leave EU vote legally binding" asks Msipa - no true democrats would ask such a stupid question. By W Mukori

“Is the UK referendum result to leave EU legally binding?” asked Lloyd Msipa (Bulawayo 24 opinion).

Actually, only a vote rigging tyrant like Mugabe and his acolytes, who have never believed in the right of every citizen to a meaningful in the governance of the country as a universal and inalienable right and as the only solid guarantee good and accountable government, would ask such a blatantly stupid question.

In answering the question for PM David Cameron you, Msipa, argue the PM should find ways to keep the UK in the EU against the expressed democratic wishes of the majority of the British people. Why don’t you just come out and say he should have gone to Mugabe for expert advice on how to rig the vote. No doubt the Zimbabwe tyrant would have put the British in touch with his NIKUV friends, experts at tampering with voters roll; Mugabe would have paid NIKUV’s usual princely fee too.

When it comes to cash, the nation may be broke but not Mugabe, the tyrant is loaded. In March 2016 he admitted that $15 billion in Marange diamond revenue was looted; so far not even one person has been arrested and so the looting continues. In 2012 Africa Partnership Canada reported that Mugabe pocketed a cool $2 billion, his share of looting and plundering of Marange diamonds. Which, by the way, is a very good reason why Mugabe has bribed, cheated and even murdered over 30 000 just to stay in power; the thought of losing absolute power and fabulous wealth it has brought is simply unthinkable!

When Mugabe rigged the 2013 elections there was an avalanche of articles from not just the usual Mugabe apologists but from Zimbabwe’s intellectuals too all arguing the one thing – that we should just accept the rigged result as fait accompli and move on. They were fuming at those who were demanding the result must be put aside and a thorough investigation carried out on the blatant vote rigging by Mugabe.
Here we have a case where the referendum was free, fair and credible and the same dodgy intellectuals are up in arms arguing one thing – put the result aside and find ways to undermine the democratic wishes of the populous. For all their pretences of their love democracy, these intellectuals’ democratic credentials are potato skin deep; it does take much to rub off, to reveal the true tyrant in his blinding multi-coloured Joseph dream coat!

“The question in most people's minds is whether the referendum result "to leave" is legally binding on the United Kingdom,” you said. Where are these “most people” coming from? The UK is a healthy and functional democracy with healthy and functional democratic institutions; the democratic right of the people to a meaningful say in the governance of the nation is held in high regard right across British society, it is sacrosanct. No doubt, the question has exercised the minds of a certain tyrant and his apologists.

Mugabe and his cronies should, by right, being having sleepless nights on how to fix Zimbabwe’s worsening economic meltdown; fix the 90% unemployment rate, fix the cash shortage, end the corruption and looting, etc. Mugabe rigged the 2013 elections and now he cannot rig economic recovery! Given the state of the Zimbabwe economy he is certainly having nightmares and no wonder he is now known to doze off standing up – if you cannot sleep at night you will have cat naps at the drop of a hat!

Too many nightmares and you are prone to catnaps at the drop of a hat – even standing up!

Lloyd Msipa, PM David Cameron has done the right thing by resigning because he is surely not the right person to captain the ship now given he never believed in leaving the EU. Now that the decision to leave has been made; he should let someone who believes in where the nation is going lead. He, unlike some tyrants we know, has the humility to know he is not the only person capable of leading the nation! The British do not need your stupid advice Lloyd.

Tell you what, why don’t you advice Mugabe on the futility of rigging elections when you then fail to rig economic recovery. If he keeps dozing off standing up, one of these fine days he is going to fall, he has a history of falling because he refuses to use a walking stick or wheel chair as his wife has suggested, and will never get up!

Sunday, 26 June 2016

The Brits have voted to leave the EU there is nothing to fear other than fear itself. By Wilbert Mukori

The British people have voted to leave the EU. Those campaigned for remain on basis of fear of the unknown are scratching the bottom of the barrel for the doom’s day economic collapse they had predicted and feared. The “proof” of the doom’s day of the morning after has raged from the fall in value of British Pound which suffered a dip in value but has since recovered, to the other EU leaders now demanding the UK “must leave with further delay” (because they are fearful other countries will follow UK example), to the threat of another referendum on Scottish Independence (will the Scottish people still want to join the EU if a few more nations join UK to take the high road?)
What the REMAIN lost the argument and thus the vote because they could not deny that the EU was not working because it is expected to do what it was never envisaged to do. The EU started as an economic common market to facilitate the trade of goods and services and along the way was added the monetary union. In order to deliver the economic and monetary union the EU has added on the political arm in the form of the European parliament, commission and courts making laws and regulations over riding these coming from the individual nations’ parliament
For the EU to work it is necessary that there is free movement of people and with free movement of people other things follow such as welfare and health care. Britain’s National Health Service, for example, was to be accessible to all EU nationals regardless where they came from.
Whilst it is true that for the EU to work national government have had to concede more and more power to the EU political arm in Brussels and individuals have had to give up national identity in favour of the common European identity the fact of the matter is that this was not what the people envisaged when the joined the EU 43 years ago, for the British people.
Over the years the politicians have resisted calls for a referendum on continued membership of the EU under the pretext that there have been any significant material changes to the EU of people joined in 1973. This is a lie the remain-camp could not sustain in the face of the call for Britain to get back its independence.
However for the EU to function fully it is necessary for Brussels to get even more political powers and for greater integration, something national governments and citizens have resisted for years hence lies EU’s Achilles heel. There is no doubt that the financial crisis that has bedevilled Greece for years now, for example, would have never happened if Brussels was not pulling in one direction and the Greek government was overriding it and pulling in the opposite directions.
Instead of the remain camp admitting the EU will needs to be given more power they tried to give the impression national governments can demand more power back from Brussels. Whatever PM David Cameron demanded from the EU “favourable terms” as he called them, were not written into law so EU would have taken them back in the future.
The hamstrung EU was bound to stumble from one crisis to the next and it was not just the British people who had notice this but other nations too and it was just a matter of time before they demanded an IN/OUT vote.
Of course, everyone likes to be seen as team players and having been a member of a team it is hard to leave and go it alone. But the need to be a member is hardly a reason for one to join; one must look objective at whether one’s economic needs, in this case, are best served by being in or out of the EU. A dysfunctional EU stumble from one crisis to the next will never serve the best interests of those who know they can do better on their own.
The British knew the EU was not serving their best interests and vote to leave. I believe many other nations will follow the British’ example and leave the EU. It is not the British who fear the future but the EU now facing the real possibility of the domino effect of more nations tumbling out of the EU.
Britain has strong and robust democratic institutions and a well-informed and focused electorate; these have served the nation very well in the past and will do so again now. They have nothing to fear.
Those who wanted to remain in the EU used “project fear” before the referendum and they are still banging the same drum because they will not accept they lost the vote. There is nothing to be feared but fear itself. Beside, now that the people have made the democratic decision to leave the EU the nation must look forward, where it is going, and not risk a trip and fall because it was looking back or failed to see the many opportunities because it was paralysed by fear.