Sunday, 22 April 2018

"Firing nurses was a Machiavellian tactic and it is working," says Manjoni - yes but not on everyone N Garikai

And it would have met its objective of stopping swelling civil instability ahead of the polls. The nurses will be too happy to get back to work. The next time they think of protesting, they will start by looking over their shoulders. The same will happen with the teachers. Very soon, Chiwenga's blunt stunt of "expelling" the nurses will be forgotten.

There are clear indications that the Machiavellian tactic is working. Mnangagwa, through his spokesperson George Charamba, late last week betrayed a clever part of the strategy. It's instructive he waited for some time to announce that, practically, government would be readmitting all the "fired" nurses, even ahead of the High Court hearing. Charamba's statement puts the nurses in three bags—those that reported to work on Monday and, therefore, were not affected by the firing, those that went back to work upon a government directive to do so and those that are willing to return to work despite being fired. That means every nurse will be returning to work, but with the message back at their minds that striking is a no-no.

I have to admit, your analysis is spot on.

Fear and ignorance have always been Zanu PF’s favourite tools in their Machiavellian kit bag. You are right, the nurses and the rest of the civil servants are all quaking in their boots, who wouldn’t, fearful they will be fired at the drop of a hat. With unemployment a nauseating 90%; no doubt there will be many unemployed nurses, teachers, etc. in that lot; it is to better to have a job paying the pittance $284 a month than to have no job at all!

Zanu PF has always ruled the rural folk by fear and now the regime is extending its reach into the urban areas.

Our people are ignorant of the fact that Chiwenga and his corrupt ruling elite are filthy rich through mismanagement and downright looting and that if they, the people, do not stand up and demand an end to it, things will only get worse as they have done these last 38 years. The only effective way to deal with failed government is to hold it to account.

There is no Zimbabwean out there worth his/her salt who does not know by now that Zanu PF’s long stay in power was because the regime rigs elections. And yet you ask yourself, why have we, the people, allowed the regime to rig elections all these years making our lives a hell on earth? Zanu PF has everything set to rig this year’s elections and yet the overwhelming majority of our people will be no more than bystanders in it all.

During the GNU the nation got its best chances ever to implement the democratic reforms that would have stopped Zanu PF rigging elections. MDC leaders failed to get even one reform implemented in five years. Many of the nurses, teachers, etc. are MDC supporters and yet many of them, even to this day, have no clue MDC sold-out.

Nations get the government they deserve, we certainly deserve this corrupt and ruthlessly oppressive and manipulative Zanu PF dictatorship complete with its entourage of corrupt and incompetent opposition parties, now numbering 128. The penny has yet to drop that it is ordinary people, nurses, teachers, unemployment, everyone, who must all take the trouble to understand why the country is in a mess and take the necessary steps to put things right.

Much as President Mnangagwa would wish it was so, his regime’s Machiavellian charm has not fooled the foreign direct investors. The “Zimbabwe is open for business!” clarion call has fallen on deaf ears. The regime is set to rig the coming elections and no investors wants to do business with vote rigging thugs!

President Mnangagwa is hoping he can hoodwink the international elections observer to turn a blind eye to the vote rigging and rubber stamp the rigged elections just as many of them did in 2013. It is the people of Zimbabwe’s responsibility to put an end to this sick political culture of rigged elections. Still one hopes that the observers will do the country a big favour and speak truth to the powers that be, for a change.

“We will see Mnangagwa using the same tactic even after the elections if he and his party win. That says the military will be a very present cog in the ruling machinery. In other words, it will be abusing its mandate by using the army or its proxies to rule. But the world will accept that because, one, it is anxious to see and work with a relatively stable post-Mugabe government and, two, the administration will be clever enough to fuse hard tactics with staged constitutionalism and other political niceties,” concluded Manjoni.

The is no “if” about Zanu PF winning these election, with not even one reform in place these “elections are done”, as SADC leaders once said of the 2013 elections. As for the world accepting and working with the regime, I doubt the world will ever want to work with a manipulative, vote rigging and corrupt regime. The world knows that Mnangagwa and company are the same thugs of Mugabe days, they have not changed one bit and never will!

Saturday, 21 April 2018

"Election are free if in compliance with constitution," argue Minister - was the coup in compliance W Mukori

“Muromo hauzarirwi nerwizi!” (To big mouth, there is no such thing as flooded river he cannot wade cross!) So, goes the Shona adage.

Ever since the November 2017 coup President Mnangagwa and his coup junta have gone out of their way to tell people that they are totally different from the Zanu PF of Robert Mugabe days. The coup removed Mugabe and “the criminal elements around him” the bad apples who had given Zanu PF the bad name.  

They were painfully aware that staging a coup was NOT exactly the auspicious start for a seasoned thug claim they have denounced thuggery! So, the announcement that the post-coup Zanu PF regime would hold free, fair and credible elections, took the added urgency and poignance!

To anyone who knew that President Emmerson Mnangagwa and all of those involved in the coup were, until the coup, Robert Mugabe’s fixers. They had planned and executed all the acts of corruption, looting, vote rigging and wanton violence that established and sustain the party’s iron grip on power. Their ruthless zeal was the very heart and soul of the Zanu PF dictatorship.

So, whatever happened to force Mnangagwa, Chiwenga and the rest of the others in the junta to denounce their life long career as thugs and demagogues must have been some monumental Damascene moment! After 37 years of rigging elections and using wanton violence to impose Mugabe and the Zanu PF dictatorship on the nation Mnangagwa et al were going to something radically different and at complete odds with their character and nature – hold free, fair and credible elections.

Holding free, fair and credible elections has become the ultimate test, the flood river to wade through, to prove Zimbabwe is no longer a pariah state ruled by thugs!

Why am I not surprised that President Mnangagwa and his junta have been at sixes and sevens, frantically trying to redefine what constitute free, fair and credible elections.

Three weeks ago, President Mnangagwa claimed, in the interview he gave to the UK Economist Magazine, that the 2008 elections were free, fair and credible. “Where is the evidence the elections were rigged!” he maintained.

There followed an avalanche of reports and articles at the time giving details of the blatant cheating and wanton violence that took place that year. Of course, people were outraged by ED’s denial of the barbarism of the 2008 elections. They told him, in no uncertain terms, if what happened in 2008 was his idea of free, fair and credible elections, he should be in Chikurumbi prison and not State House.

President Mnangagwa and his junta regime were reminded for the umpteenth time that they must implement the democratic reforms agreed with SADC following the rigged 2008 elections. The regime knows that not even one reform was implemented throughout the GNU which is why the SADC leaders wanted the 2013 elections postponed to allow the reforms to be implemented.

Two USA Senators; responsible for renewing the targeted US sanctions against Zanu PF leaders including President Mnangagwa, himself, first imposed in 2002; to explain what free and fair electoral goals Harare needed to achieve for the sanctions to be lifted. The goals were, a free media, produce verified voters’ roll, etc.; all a repeat of the SADC reforms.

The elections are due in August, less than four months away, and still the regime has not implemented even one democratic reform. Indeed, instead of implementing reforms the regime has been implementing its usual vote rigging plans. President Mnangagwa bought and dished out the new twin cab trucks to all the 282 Chiefs, a bribe Mugabe had promised them before he was booted out of office; for them to carry out their traditional role of intimidating rural voters to vote for Zanu PF. The party has also deployed the war veterans to campaign for the party, they were the party’s foot soldiers in the barbarism of the 2008 and 2013 elections; etc.

There is no doubt that President Mnangagwa and his junta will not be able to deliver on their promise to hold free, fair and credible elections. The regime is once again frantically trying to redefine what constitute free and fair elections. This time, it was Minister of Foreign Affairs Minister, S B Moyo’s, turn.

“It is the desire and in fact the determination of the current dispensation that we should have free, fair and credible elections,” he told his London audience in a video streamed on Zimeye.
“First and foremost, these elections must satisfy the people of Zimbabwe.

“So, whilst there can be regional and continental election benchmarks; what we are saying is everyone must observe Zimbabwean elections which are going to be in compliance with OUR Zimbabwe constitution.

“What we are saying, come and assist us in making sure our elections achieve what we want as the people of Zimbabwe.”

Minister Moyo, there is nothing special about Zimbabwe our requirements for free and fair elections are the same as everyone else. To make an informed choice, we too need a free public media and freedom of expression. We have no free media or freedom of expression.

It is madness to hold elections with no verified voters’ roll because it is impossible to audit who is on the roll; only those on the roll voted, those who voted did so only once; etc. Zimbabwe did not have a verified voters’ roll in 2013 and this is set to happen again this year. The voter registration exercise was started very late, September 2017 when it should have started January 2015, at the latest. There is no way ZEC was ever doing to register 7 million and produce a verified voters’ roll in time for this year’s elections; impossible! Already we hear ZEC registered only 5.3 million!

The international election observers will be in Zimbabwe to observe the election process and at the end of the day come out with an honest judgement whether the process was free, fair and credible and the result the democratic wish of the people of Zimbabwe. The observers are not there to argue whether or not there is a clause in the Zimbabwe constitution allowing the regime to deny the people a free public media, hold election with no verified voters’ roll, etc.

What President Mnangagwa and his regime have completely failed to understand is that it is not only the international election observers who want to see the junta keep its promise to hold free and fair elections, the foreign investors the President has been wooing for the last five months too want to see free and fair elections.

President Mnangagwa has been shouting “Zimbabwe is open for business!” from every platform, like a roaster. There has not been a flood of investors and will there ever be any in the future if Zimbabwe fails to hold free, fair and credible elections this August because that failure will confirm that the country is still ruled by thugs who have no qualms rigging elections. Investors do not do business with regimes in which the next regime change is yet another military coup or violent street protests!

Minister Moyo this Zanu PF regime cannot claim that it is radically different from the Mugabe regime and yet want this year’s elections judge to the same standards as the 2013 elections – compliance with the constitution. If so, then the next coup is just as justified as the November 2017 coup!

Friday, 20 April 2018

Will Zanu PF rig election? May be yes/no/what! replied "flawed and indecisive" Biti N Garikai

Former US Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Chris Dell, characterised the late MDC leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, in a leaked cable to Washington as “a flawed and indecisive character.” Time has proven the ambassador was spot-on and, worse still, that this is a common weakness in the MDC party.
Morgan Tsvangirai and his fellow MDC leaders had many, many, golden opportunities to implement the democratic changes which would have dismantled the Zanu PF dictatorship and end the insidious culture of political violence and vote rigging that has allowed Zanu PF to stay in power all these years. The best of these chances to get the reforms implemented came during the 2008 to 2013 GNU, SADC leaders, who were the guarantor of the agreement, did they best to get MDC leaders to focus on reforms but were ignored.
MDC failed to get even one reform implemented in five years! The Western donors who had funded the party and the SADC leaders deserted MDC leaders in droves in despair at what ambassador Dell would have called a shocking display of collective flawed and indecisiveness by MDC leaders.
What is really heart breaking is that these MDC leaders have not learned nothing from all decades of blundering from pillar to post and down-right selling out. Hindsight is an excellent teacher but not when experience washes off like water off a duck’s back.
Talk of being indecisive! No one in MDC has yet given a categorical YES or NO to the simple question: Has Zanu PF rigged past elections? And, will the party rig this year’s elections? Here is one, just one, example.   

“It is the most important election of our lifetime because it has to answer the question of legitimacy,” Biti said in an interview in Bloomberg’s Johannesburg office on Wednesday as Zimbabwe celebrated its national Independence Day,” reported Spotlight Zimbabwe.

“The quality of this election, the substantive content and outcome of the election are going to be key.”


Zanu PF was forced to go into the 2008 to 2013 GNU because no one, not even SADC and the AU, known for giving the party’s dodgy elections a thumbs-up in the past, would do so following the blatant cheating and wanton violence by Zanu PF in 2008. Zanu PF lost legitimacy following the 2008 elections because it had rigged the elections.

So, one can infer from Biti’s statement that his answer to the first question above is a definitive, yes Zanu PF has rigged past elections.

The primary purpose of the GNU was to implement a raft of democratic reforms designed to stop Zanu PF rigging future elections. Not even one reform was implemented in five years which was why SADC leaders wanted the 2013 elections postponed and said so to both Zanu PF and MDC leaders during the regional body’s summit in June 2013.

“If you go into next month’s elections, you will lose; the elections are done,” SADC leaders had warned Morgan Tsvangirai, Tendai Biti and the other MDC leaders.

MDC did not listen and participated in the 2013 elections with no reforms and Zanu PF rigged the vote, as SADC leaders had forewarned. Not even one reform has been implemented since the rigged July 2013 elections and therefore it is logical to surmise this year’s elections will similarly be rigged.
 “(Tendai) Biti said the opposition’s prospects for the elections are good, partly because 60 percent of the 5.3 million registered voters are between 18 and 40 and have little memory of the liberation war that shaped the ruling party’s generation. Chamisa’s youth will help, he said,” continued the report.
“Demographics are going to play a key role in this election,” he said.
So, the answer to the second question is, vote rigging is no longer a deciding factor because MDC will win these elections regardless.
Whilst one would accept that one age group may be more susceptible to such things as intimidation, for example; still there are many other problems such as lack of a free media which affects all. To therefore suggest that we do not need to worry about vote rigging any more just because the demographics of the voters have change is naïve, to say the least.
 “Still, the influence of the military on Zimbabwe’s leadership bodes ill for genuine democratic reform, Biti said. “We may have removed a dictator but we did not remove the dictatorship,” he said in the next breath.
In another interview a few weeks ago Tendai Biti was crystal clear on this point.

“I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that this is going to be a violent election,” Biti said in February. The military did not seize power in the coup only for them to hand it over a few months later, he argued. He called on the UN “to protect the civilians!”

So, in the course of just one half an hour interview Tendai Biti has swung from yes the elections will be rigged; to no, the rigging will not affect the outcome even if it happened and then back to elections will be rigged!

It has been Zimbabwe’s great misfortune to have an incompetent, corrupt and ruthlessly oppressive ruling party that has dragged the nation into this hell-on-earth hole. The nation has had many golden opportunities to get out of the hole but wasted them because we have an incompetent and corrupt opposition.
Without first implementing the reforms, Zanu PF will rig this year’s elections just as readily as the party has rigged past elections. It is insane to keep contesting flawed elections, so flawed that even polling 73% of the vote was not enough to “win”, as the March 2008 vote showed, hoping for a different result.
There is nothing the nation can do to stop these flawed elections going ahead, both Zanu PF and the opposition want the elections to go ahead for their own selfish reasons. What the people can do now is making it clear it is impossible to hold free, fair and credible elections without reforms and therefore per se condemn these elections. The elections must be declared null and void, regardless of the outcome.
Zimbabweans have waited all their lives for the country to hold its first free, fair and credible elections, if President Mnangagwa cannot deliver such elections, just as Mugabe and Ian Smith before him have all failed to do, then we must find someone else who will! The only elections that will count from now on are free, fair and credible elections – nothing else will do.